Project Reconnect News, Documentation and Support Services 

The Project Reconnect team has compiled documentation, training materials, case studies, app tests and news updates around the use of Medion Chromebooks for Project Reconnect grantees in Germany. 

Success stories, News and Updates from Project Reconnect Grantees

How are organizations that received Chromebooks from Project Reconnect using them to help refugees and asylum seekers in Germany? 

To read success stories in English visit the NetHope Blog: NetHope Blog - Project Reconnect

For updates and success stories in English and German: Project Reconnect News

Brief updates from Project Reconnect grantees and initiatives (coming soon)

Project Reconnect Insider 

The Project Reconnect Insider page (Password protected) provides Project Reconnect grantees and local staff at sites using the Chromebooks with easy access to documentation materials, services and special offers from partners.  It also hosts a shared folder in which grantee organizations drop materials they have prepared and that they make available to other grantees.


Getting Started - Manuals

With help from Google volunteers, we created two manuals for IT administrators who manage Chromebooks from Project Reconnect in the Google Admin Console. In addition, the Project Reconnect team compiled a manual for local staff involved in the deployment and ongoing use of Chromebooks. 

For administrators

1. Project Reconnect Trainings Manual - configuration and registration of Chromebooks in the Google Admin Console (DE / EN)

2. Project Reconnect Content Guide - content configuration for managed Chromebooks in the Google Admin Console (DE / EN)

For employees at sites

3. Project Reconnect Handbuch - This Getting started manual helps staff involved in initiatives with managed Chromebooks to get a better understanding of how Chromebooks can support their work. It answers many of the questions that arise during the first deployment. (DE - German only)


Manuals about Online Services

In addition, the Project Reconnect Team has created manuals for using Google's and Microsoft's online services, which can be helpful in creating email addresses and using clouds. These manuals are always available in Arabic. 

1. Google's online service - Google-Mail-Adresse erstellen und Google-Drive nutzen (DE / AR)

2. Microsoft's online service - Microsoft-Mail-Adresse erstellen und OneDrive nutzen (DE / AR)


Quick Tipps 

The Project Reconnect Team has put together tips and handouts based on questions and suggestions from Project Reconnect grantees and initiatives. Some of the documents for end users are also available in Arabic. Quick Tips 

The Project Reconnect team has created an overview of all documentations. The following links take you to the tabular overviews for the corresponding target groups:

1. Administrators: Here you can find step-by-step instructions for configurations in the Google Admin console, handouts with guidelines how to deal with problems, and more. 

2. Employees at site: This section contains handouts with guidelines how to deal with problems, information about Project Reconnect, and helpful step-by-step instructions for various applications. 

3. Chromebook users: To make it easier for users to work with the Chromebooks, the Project Reconnect team has created handouts and tutorials for various applications. Some of them are also available in Arabic. 


The Project Reconnect Newsletter provides information about new, relevant functionality in the latest Chrome OS version, about new apps, online content, tutorials and upcoming webinars. If you want to receive the monthly newsletter you can signup using the online registration

If you have missed a newsletter or have registered for it later and did not receive the previous newsletters, you can find all the newsletter published so far here. The Newsletter is only available in German. 

Webinars and Online Trainings

At least once a month, the Project Reconnect team invites Project Reconnect grantees and their staff to a webinar on topics related to the deployment, use or management of Chromebooks. Project Reconnect Speakers present new features or guest speakers tell how they use the Chromebooks and what content they use or make available. The webinars are taking place in Google Hangouts in the virtual "Project Reconnect webinar room".

Custom online trainings are available to staff at grantee organizations, site managers and trainers upon requests. 

Case Studies 

Case studies are introducing a variety of implementation models that organizations have customized for their needs. Case studies are available through the Project Reconnect Insider page and some of them were also published in the Project Reconnect News. 

Suggestions for Content

Content Discovery Page Discover interesting and helpful websites that you can use in your work with refugees or integrate in your website for refugees and asylum seekers. The Project Reconnect team is always looking for more interesting content. Please send recommendations to


Project Reconnect Portal

The Project Reconnect Team has created a simple portal with links to relevant content for refugees and asylum seekers. The portal page is available in German and Arabic, the contents are mostly in German. Many grantee organizations and initiatives are using this portal page as the default homepage on the Chromebooks they manage. Just enter the link in the Google Admin Console as start page. If you already use another page as start page, you can add the Project Reconnect Portal as an app in the taskbar. In the Google Chrome webstore, you can find the app under Project Reconnect Portal or with the App id: djhcfbgnakgfngffopnbcnbhgfbcllen. If you need help, contact your administrator or write an e-mail to


Project Reconnect YouTube Channel

Project Reconnect's YouTube channel provides you with short videos about the project, how Chromebooks work, and how to store documents, such as step-by-step instructions.

Apps for Project Reconnect Chromebooks 

Chrome Apps in Public Session Mode

The Project Reconnect team has assembled several apps that can be installed and used even in public session mode. These apps include a calculator, Word Online, Excel Online, Google Drive online, several translators, cloud IDEs, a text app and much more. On managed Chromebooks these apps can be installed centrally in the Google Admin Console. 

Overview of Chrome Apps reviewed 


Android apps for use with personal account

Chromebooks with Chrome version 61. * or newer offer users who are signed in with a personal Google Account the ability to use the Google Play Store and individually install apps on the Chromebook. In addition to Chrome apps, some of which also work in Public Session mode, this mode also supports a variety of Android apps, some of them offline. The Project Reconnect team has also created an overview for these apps.

Overview of Android Apps reviewed

Google Group for Project Reconnect Grantees

The Project Reconnect Insider Community, an online discussion forum in Google Groups, is available to Project Reconnect Chromebook project managers and administrators. They discuss technical questions, implementation approaches, usage scenarios and ideas about Project Reconnect and the use of the Chromebooks. 

Medion Specifications & Support

The Chromebooks for Project Reconnect were produced by Medion specifically for this initiative. Medion provides a guarantee on the Project Reconnect Chromebooks until March 2018. The Medion Callcenter is available for inquiries and assistance and, after a diagnosis, assigns an RMA voucher in case of need. For more information on how to contact the support, please log into the Project Reconnect Insider area or contact 

Project Reconnect Medion Chromebooks Specifications (PDF) EnglishDeutsch