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Project Reconnect Updates

How are organizations that have received Chromebooks from Project Reconnect using them to help refugees and asylum seekers in Germany? Visit Project Reconnect News to learn more.

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The Project Reconnect team is pleased to be able to support 50 organizations at more than 1000 sites in Germany with Google Chromebooks. The chromebooks are used by refugees to study German, learn about Germany and the asylum application process, continue their highschool or professional education, and search for jobs and internships. Organizations


What is Project Reconnect?

In 2015, more than one million people sought refuge in Germany, fleeing war and persecution in their home countries. Now they face new challenges: learning a new language, settling into new communities, resuming education and work. 

NetHope and Google.org believe that access to Internet resources is key to connecting refugees to their new communities. With the support from Google.org, NetHope launched Project Reconnect: an initiative providing 25,000 managed Chromebooks to nonprofit organizations supporting refugees in Germany. The project aims to help refugees as they strive to rebuild their lives, by facilitating access to education and information resources on the web.  

What are managed Chromebooks?

Chromebooks are web-based laptops. The interface based on the familiar Chrome browser will be easy to use even for those new to computers. 

Managed Chromebooks can be centrally administered by the staff of non-profit organizations. The Google Admin Console allows organizations to preconfigure settings and to custom design the user experience by distributing changes, updates, tools and content remotely to all their managed Chromebooks. 

How can organizations use Chromebooks? 

Managed Chromebooks combined with Internet access allow refugees to access information, assistance and educational opportunities and can be used in transitional housing projects, classrooms, counseling centers, youth programs and many other situations. Here are a few ideas of projects nonprofits may consider:

  • Enhance educational opportunities with the use of Chromebooks in classroom and training situations.
  • Organize children’s activities with appropriate educational games.
  • Create an Internet café-like environment to allow refugees to connect with friends and family and access assistance information. 

Managed Chromebooks allow organizations to provide a rich computing platform, all with minimal need for on-site IT intervention, maintenance and support.

The Project Reconnect Grant Program invited nonprofits working with refugees in Germany to propose project ideas for the use of managed Chromebooks in their programs.