Refugees Online: Greetings from a class using Project Reconnect Chromebooks in Bavaria

Fürstenfeldbruck, September 2016. As-salam alaykom  Salaam  Dobriy den  Hello! Is ka warran Selam. These are just some of the greetings that can be heard every morning in class at the reception center Fürstenfeldbruck. This reception center in a former airbase houses up to 1200 refugees for the first months after they arrive in Germany.

The students especially like to work on the Chromebooks which have been provided to us by Refugees Online and (through NetHope's initiative Project Reconnect). They enable the kids to improve their language skills at their personal level and at their own pace. For the smaller children it is especially helpful to listen to German children songs or short stories. The older students work completely independently on grammar topics and practice reading and listening in German.

The students come from many different countries and all of them have a very unique and often difficult history. That’s why it is especially nice to see, how much the children enjoy learning in this class. All of them are highly motivated. They all want to learn and they all help each other and are positive and open minded about their future in Germany. There is no xenophobia or exclusion, resentment or envy. However, there is a lot of gratitude, courtesy and above all joy...

It is wonderful to be allowed to teach here!

Hanna Kutschke (Teacher AE)

Thanks to Google and the team of Refugees Online for the great support!