Tür an Tür Digitalfabrik: Fit for IT - helping refugees succeed online

Refugees learn the basics of computer use and data security in a computer course.


February 2018. Internet access is crucial for refugees. They use it to stay in touch with friends and family, to find out about events in their new host community or look for job offers and apartments. The organization "Tür an Tür Digitalfabrik" equips refugee group homes with Wi-Fi and runs an Internet café in Augsburg, where refugees can use Chromebooks from Project Reconnect to search the Internet. In addition, Tür an Tür also provides Chromebooks for other projects in Augsburg.

The organization offers a computer course in which refugees learn the basics of using a computer: how to send an email, how to write applications and how to look for a place to rent, and also how to safely deal with personal data on the web. The project managers call the course Fit for IT (ffIT). At the end, the successful participants are rewarded with the ffIT user's license. Participation is free for refugees. The first of these courses will start in April 2018 in Augsburg, others will follow.


Post by Theresa Ritzer, NetHope - Project Reconnect