Videopräsentation: Project Reconnect in Review

Helping NGOs support refugees in Germany with access to online information and education resources

July 2018. The distribution of Chromebooks is completed. The Project Reconnect Chromebooks are today in use in a great variety of service offers for refugees such as literacy classes and German language courses, in preparatory professional training programs, in refugee homes, libraries or Internet Cafe-type settings for study and research.

It is rewarding to learn about the impact on grantees and refugees through their stories and feedback. Several implementers saw, for the first time, the impact technology could have for their mission. We are excited that the project continues to have ongoing impact as the grantees will continue using Chromebooks in their work with refugees in Germany.

In the following video presentation program manager Lisa Stein reflects on the impact and lessons learned from Project Reconnect:




Post by Sybille Fleischmann, Project Lead, NetHope & Lisa Stein, Program Manager, Nethope - Project Reconnect