Asylplus: Library hero Nadia Miloudi and her commitment to a successful integration
Translation of the original article from Netzwerk Bibliothek: Bibliotheksheldin Nadia Miloudi

Refugees welcome: The heroic story of Nadia Miloudi shows that libraries can contribute a great deal to the integration of people with an immigration background. The mother of two is a computer scientist and has worked as a web programmer and graphic designer. Her family is from Algeria and has been living in Germany for 22 years. The library has played an important role for the Miloudi family and continues to do so. It had an extremely positive effect on the family’s arrival in Germany. From the beginning, they used the vast array of books and films, organized video evenings with friends, or immersed themselves in the latest stories; especially Nadia Miloudi's little daughter was a real "bookworm", as her mother lovingly remembers. In addition, there was a large amount of helpful study materials for the school or professional books for work.

Now Nadia Miloudi wants to pass on her positive experiences with the library as a place of education to refugees. As a member of the Association "Asylplus", she offers the program "Learning German on a Computer" in the Munich library for the district Sendling. For this purpose different learning programs are available that are tailored as precisely as possible to the needs of the individual participants. There are platforms for beginners as well as for advanced learners, for young people or adults – and all this in over 50 languages. Thanks to generous sponsors, the Munich libraries currently have a total of 120 Chromebooks, which can be used on site as a learning computer.

With a valid library card they can also be borrowed and used alone. To enable participants to always contact a coach when a question arises, volunteers such as Nadia Miloudi create e-mail addresses for the participants. They introduce them to the various online learning platforms, help them determine their language level and, moreover, help with complicated matters such as the translation of official letters. In particular, they give people the opportunity to devote themselves to the language acquisition, which is so important for a successful participation in the society.

Thanks to their commitment, Nadia Miloudi and her colleagues have already achieved some success. Due to the successfully completed language program, some refugees have already found internships or even jobs. Nadia Miloudi wishes that even more books and films in different languages will be on the library shelves in the future and that some of the staff will act as language mediators to help refugees access the various media. The fact that "Learning German on the Computer" is already a big step in the right direction, is obvious - just like the fact that Nadia Miloudi is a genuine library hero.

Watch the video from Netzwerk Bibliothek, with German subtitles.