ADIA Erding: Getting started in IT with Cisco Networking Academy  

March 2017. 18-year-old Reshad has a dream: he wants to become an  systems engineer. Through the Young Talents project of Zukunftsmacher gUG, he was given the opportunity to participate in online courses offered by the Cisco Networking Academy. The certificates are recognized internationally.

Anna Maria Blau, founder of Zukunftsmacher gUG, reports on Reshad’s experience:

Reshad is from Afghanistan. As an unaccompanied minor he is living in a small, supervised facility in Erding, Bavaria. It’s been a year since he started learning German at a vocational school. Since October 2016 he also studies German online using a Chromebook.

Reshad’s true passion is IT. His goal is an apprenticeship to become a "Specialist in Systems Integration" or an "IT Systems Technician". Of course we wanted to support Reshad’s dream. Thus, he became the first IT student of our “Young Talents” project so that he would get one step closer to his dream of an IT apprenticeship through the Cisco Network Academy.

Cisco offers a web-based training program for beginners and advanced IT students. There are three entry-level courses that can be completed online: "Get connected", "Introduction to Internet of Things" and "Introduction to Cybersecurity". On average, 15 to 20 hours of study time are required for each course.

Reshad started immediately with all three entry level courses. Three weeks later, he already successfully finished the first. 

He also completed his first internship with very positive feedback from his manager and was invited to apply for an apprenticeship. This motivated him to study German even more diligently . In addition, he provides support on IT questions to his roommates and coaches them on how to use the Chromebooks.

The team from Zukunftsmacher gUG is happy to help Reshad realize his dream. 



Cisco Networking Academy courses for beginners

Get Connected

Get Connected introduces to basic knowledge on communication and social network sites. 

Estimated time to complete: 15 hours

Languages: German, English, French ... 


Cybersecurity Essentials  

The Introduction to Cybersecurity explores cyber trends, threats and staying safe in cyberspace, and protecting personal and company data.

Estimated time to complete: 15 hours

Languages: German, English, French ... 


Internet of Things

The Introduction to IoT (Internet of Things) introduces learners to the technologies that support IoT and to the career and social opportunities that are available in this context. 

Estimated time to complete: 15 to 20 hours

Languages: Arabic, German, English, French, Russian ...