ADIA Erding/Zukunftsmacher: Connecting across generations and cultures

Young refugees meet senior citizens, share their experiences and explore the Internet together.

May 2017. Project Learning4Integration connects twelve young refugees with twelve senior citizens. They meet for the first time at the students’ middle school in Altenerding, a rural community near Munich, Germany. Through conversations, games and other joint activities, they get to know each other and build respect, trust and understanding, the basis for a good relationship.

The young refugees, age 12 and older, already communicate well in German. They spent time to prepare for the event. On the Chromebooks from Project Reconnect the students show their own personal journey from their home country to Germany. From the older participants they learn about growing up in Germany in the last century. The project focuses on strengthening self-esteem, expanding social and media competences. Everybody has fun. The event helps some of the elderly to overcome their reservation against  digital media. 

Media consultant Katja Bröckl-Bergner from the team of Zukunftsmacher helps the students and their teachers to expand their digital media skills.  On the Chromebooks, they usually use for language learning, they explore new online services, games and research tools. The students use Chromebooks, Google Maps, and Internet radio to put their travel reports together. 

The afternoon concludes with cakes and lively conversations and new friendships between the students and their elderly guests.  The team of Zukunftsmacher is happy about the great start of this project and plans more events with refugee school classes and residences for the elderly.


Post and Fotos by Anna Maria Blau, Zukunftsmacher, Projekt ADIA Erding