ADIA Erding: With discipline and online courses towards the first job

January 2017. Abdalla is from Syria. As a Kurd, it became dangerous for him to stay in his home country. He decided to flee. After three years, he finally arrived in the district of Erding, in Bavaria in January 2016.

ADIA Erding founder Anna Maria Blau celebrates with Abdalla.

ADIA Erding founder Anna Maria Blau celebrates with Abdalla.

Half a year later he received a spot in a government sponsored German language course. At that time he had already acquired basic knowledge in German. On a Chromebook from Project Reconnect he watched online videos to learn the language and practiced pronunciation and vocabulary. “German is not only a language. It’s for me more of a science,” says Abdalla. With the help from ADIA Erding volunteers and the ADIA Erding website he found many helpful exercises and activities. After only 9 months in Germany he successfully completed the language exams for level B1, which certifies that he can express himself in German on topics that he is familiar with.

Abdalla has already landed his first job: He will be teaching Arabic at an adult education center in Erding, an adult education center. His long-term goal is to work as an interpreter. He is hoping to start his training soon, but has to complete one more language certificate before.  

Sarah Blau from ADIA Erding interviewed Abdalla: Abdallas Weg und B1 in 9 Monaten (in German)