ADIA Erding/Zukunftsmacher: Integration Award for digital project connecting generations  

December 2017. Helping older people use the Internet and connecting them with young people from other cultures - this is the idea behind the project "Digital Grannies", which Anna Maria Blau from the non-profit “Zukunftsmacher” initiated this year in Bavaria, Germany. Six teenage refugees meet with six senior citizens to introduce the seniors to the possibilities of the World Wide Web. On December 5, the project was awarded with the Integration Award of the Government of Upper Bavaria.

Digital Grannies 3.jpg

The teenagers and senior citizens meet in the youth center in Erding. The young refugees are from Afghanistan, Somalia and Eritrea. They learned German with Chromebooks from Project Reconnect and the language learning offerings of the educational portal “ADIA Erding”. They also completed a training in digital media literacy before participating in the "Digital Grannies" program. 

For Anna Maria Blau, the award from the government is incentive to expand the project "Digital Grannies". Starting in January 2018, the program will expand to a total of six locations. 

The Project Reconnect Team congratulates “Zukunftsmacher” on the award and wishes the young refugees and the "Digital Grannies" a lot of fun exploring the Internet together. 


Further information:

Zukunftsmacher: “Digital Grannies” - Projekte, die Generationen und Kulturen verbinden (German)