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NetHope empowers committed organizations to change the world through the power of technology. By facilitating collaboration between NetHope’s nonprofit members, foundations, and tech sponsors, NetHope is a catalyst for productive innovation and problem-solving in humanitarian and conservation work. Since its founding in 2001, NetHope has grown to represent 44 international NGOs working on some of the world’s toughest challenges including poverty and hunger, refugee displacement, human trafficking, gender inequality, and environmental protection.

Google.org seeks out and supports people around the world who are innovating to combat humanity’s biggest challenges. Through strategic grants and mobilizing Google employees’ skills, Google.org helps non-profits accelerate and scale. In the context of the refugee crisis, Google.org launched a public matching campaign raising €10M to support the work of Doctors Without Borders, International Rescue Committee, Save the Children, and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees as well as funding high-impact projects, such as offering wireless connectivity solutions in refugee camps and providing access to education.

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© Bundesregierung/Kugler

© Bundesregierung/Kugler

“The fast acquisition of the German language, quick integration into the labour market, and knowledge of the German legal system, culture, and history are key factors for successful integration. In addition to governmental services, numerous online offers can help newly arrived people in our country to learn the language and to access educational opportunities. Language courses, guidance on German law, culture, and society, or specialized education portals can contribute in many ways. Project Reconnect, which bundles a number of online services and refines them for non-profit organizations, is playing a key role here. In the common interest of supporting successful and sustainable integration, I wish you all the best in this pursuit.”

-- Federal Minister Peter Altmaier, Head of the Federal Chancellery